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Monaco and Monte Carlo (1912)

The Real Europe Pocket Guide-Book (1920)

O'Shea's Guide to Spain and Portugal (1899)

The Dominion of New Zealand (1908)

A History of Bulgaria, Greece, Rumania, Turkey

Austria-Hungary (1914)

Gleanings in Buddha-Fields - Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East

Chita - a Memory of Last Island

Two Years In The French West Indies (1890)

Peeps at Many Lands - Ceylon

Peeps at Many Lands - Hungary

Peeps at Many lands - Switzerland

Peeps at Many Lands - Holland

Peeps at Many Lands - Java

Peeps at Many Lands - Korea

Peeps at Many Lands - Canada

Peeps into Persia

The Lost Cities of Ceylon (1917)

The Island-World of the Pacific - Journey Notes (1909)

A Woman's Adventures in Australia and in Two Voyages Around the World (1881)

Our Empire - Past and Present (1901)

Narrative of a Journey Round the World, During the Years 1841 and 1842 (1847)

Aloha Around the World (1923, c1922)

Following the Equator - a Journey Around the World (c1899)

The Rulers of the South - Sicily, Calabria, Malta (1901) Volume 1

The Rulers of the South - Sicily, Calabria, Malta (1901) Volume 2

The Khalifate of the West - Being a General Description of Morocco (1911)

South American Fights and Fighters and Other Tales of Adventure (1910)

Art in Spain and Portugal (1913)

Among the Cannibals - the New Guinea Mission of the London Missionary Society (1888)

The Early Settlers - Australia's story (1910)

Souvenir of Tangier (1900)

Whitcombe's Pictorial Story Of New Zealand

Pictorial New Zealand

Palestine illustrated (1888)

Round the World Volume 1 (1906)

Round the World Volume 2 (1906)

Round the World Volume 3 (1906)

Round the World Volume 4 (1906)

Round the World Volume 5 (1906)

Round the World Volume 6 (1906)

Round the World Volume 7 (1906)

Around the World with Philip Phillips

Pictorial History of the World's Great Nations Volume 1 (1882)

Pictorial History of the World's Great Nations Volume 2 (1882)

Pictorial History of the World's Great Nations Volume 3 (1882)

Pictorial History of the World's Great Nations Volume 4 (1882)

Pictorial History of the World's Great Nations Volume 5 (1882)

The Book of History Volume 3 Pacific Islands, Australia, India (1915)

The Book of History Volume 4 Western Asia (1915)

The Book of History Volume 5 Near East (1915)

Australian heroes and adventurers (1899)

The Conquerors of Palestine Through Forty Centuries (1920)

The Early History of Syria and Palestine (1901)

The History of Palestine (1851)

The Old World Palestine, Syria and Asia (1869)

The Italy of the Italians (1906)

History of Brazil Vol 1 (1810)

History of Brazil Vol 2 (1810)

History of Brazil Vol 3 (1810)

A History of the Law of Nations (1899)

The History of Gibraltar (1862)

Modern History of the Arab Countries

Human Geography In Western Europe

A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe (1899)

The Ancient Cities of the New World (1887)

History of Israel (1869) Volume 1

History of Israel (1869) Volume 2

History of Israel (1869) Volume 3

History of Israel (1869) Volume 4

History of Israel (1869) Volume 5

History of Israel (1869) Volume 6

History of Israel (1869) Volume 7

History of Israel (1869) Volume 8

Modern Europe 1815-1899 (1912)

A Bibliography of Canadian Poetry

The Future of Bohemia (1915)

Walks in Rome (1900)

Ports of the World. Gibraltar (1920)

Ports of the World. Guide Book (1921)

Italian Novelists

Days Near Rome (1875)

Walks & People in Tuscany (1910)

Old Florence and Modern Tuscany (1905)

Old Etruria and Modern Tuscany (1909)

Life in Tuscany (1859)

In Unknown Tuscany (1909)

Florence and Some Tuscan Cities Painted by Colonel R. C. Goff (1905)

Florence (1902) Volume 2

Florence (1902) Volume 1

Byways in Southern Tuscany (1918)

Through Savage Europe - a Journey in the Balkan States and European Russia (1907)

South America - a Popular Illustrated History of the Struggle for Liberty

Mediterranean Volume 2 (1910)

Mediterranean Volume 1 (1910

Summer Cruise in the Mediterranean

Argonauts of the Western Pacific (1922)

Afloat and Ashore on the Mediterranean (1892)

Zigzag Journeys in the White city

Zigzag Journeys in the Occident (1893)

Zigzag Journeys in the Levant (1886)

Zigzag Journeys in the Camel Country - Arabia (1911)

Zigzag Journeys in the Antipodes (1893)

Zigzag Journeys in Arcadia and New France (1893)

Zigzag Journeys Around the World (1894)

Tales of Two Countries (1914)

Zigzag Journeys in Classical Lands (1893)

Zigzag Journeys in Europe (1894)

Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands (1893)

Zigzag Journeys on the Mediterranean (1893)

Countries and Customs (1921)

Yugoslavia - a Country Study

Vietnam - a Country Study

Venezuela - a Country Study

Uruguay - a Country Study

Thailand - a Country Study

Syria - a Country Study

Sri Lanka - a Country Study

South Korea - a Country Study

Singapore - a Country Study

Saudi Arabia - a Country Study

Romania - a Country Study

Rio de Janeiro (1909)

Portugal - a Country Study

Poland - a Country Study

Philippines - a Country Study

Peru - a Country Study

Persian Gulf States - Country Studies

Paraguay - a Country Study

Paraguay (1906)

Panama - a Country Study

Pakistan - a Country Study

North Korea - a Country Study

Nicaragua - a Country Study

Nepal and Bhutan - Country Studies

Mongolia - a Country Study

Mexico City (1909)

Mexico - a Country Study

Lebanon - a Country Study

Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan - Country Studies

Jordan - a Country Study

Israel - a Country Study

Iraq - a Country Study

Iran - a Country Study

Indonesia - a Country Study

Hungary - a Country Study

Havana, Cuba (1909)

Guyana and Belize - Country Studies

El Salvador - a Country Study

Ecuador - a Country Study

Dominican Republic and Haiti - Country Studies

Czechoslovakia - a Country Study

Cyprus - a Country Study

Cuba - a Country Study

Chile - a Country Study

Cambodia - a Country Study

Colombia - a Country Study

Bulgaria - a Country Study

Brazil - a Country Study

Bolivia - a Country Study

Belarus and Moldova - Country Studies

Bangladesh - a Country Study

Austria - a Country Study

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia - Country Studies

Albania - a Country Study

A Study of Mexico (1887)

Finland - a Country Study

The Channel Islands (1895)

Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America (1896)

A Wanderer in Florence (1921)

A Wanderer in Holland (1905)

A Wanderer in Rome

A Wanderer in Venice (1914)

Venice (1898)

Venice (1904)

The Venetian Republic - Its rise, Its growth, and Its fall, A.D. 409-1797 (1915)

Cuba - Its Past, Present, and Future (1898)

Argentine - Past, Present and Future (1903)

The War Between Peru and Chile 1879-1882

The Afghan War (1882)

Two Years in the Jungle (1885)

Trinidad (1884)

The Oriental Geography of Ebn Haukal. An Arabian Traveller of the 10th Century

Himalayan Journals (1854)

A Naturalist in Tasmania (1909)

A Naturalist in Borneo (1916)

A Narrative of Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro (1890)

The Real South America (1922)

The Colombian and Venezuelan Republics (1900)

South America - Observations and Impressions

South America (1912)

Peeps at Many Lands - South America

Central and South America (1914)

Egypt and Iceland in the Year 1874

The Swiss Army System (1916)

Ocean to Ocean (1873)

An Army Officer on Leave in Japan (1911)

With the Lost Legion in New Zealand (1911)

Venezuela (1899)

Thirty Years in Tropical Australia

The Sister Dominions - Through Canada to Australia (1896)

The New Zealand Wars (1922)

The New Zealand Colony - Its Geography and History (1902)

The Land of Bolivar (1878)

The Irish in Australia (1888)

New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen From 1840 to 1897 (1897)

From Tasman to Marsden - a History of Northern New Zealand From 1642 to 1818 (1914)

The History of Australia from 1606 to 1888 (1892)

The Dead Heart of Australia (1906)

The Colonization of Australia (1915)

Round the Compass in Australia (1892)

Old-Time Travel (1903)

New Zealand Rulers and Statesmen From 1840 to 1897 (1897)

New Zealand (1898)

Narrative of the Late War in New Zealand (1863)

Lonely Lands - Through the Heart of Australia (1909)

Handbook of South Australia (1914)

Edward Gibbon Wakefield - the Colonization of South Australia and New Zealand (1898)

Australia and the Empire

Australia and America in 1892 - a Contrast (1893)

A National History of Australia, New Zealand & the Adjacent Islands (1917)

A Journey 'round the World (1907)

Reminiscences of an Australian Pioneer (1917)

The Spell of Switzerland (1913)

The History of the Invasion of Switzerland by the French (1803)

The History of Switzerland - For the Swiss People (1860)

The Fascination of Switzerland (1912)

Switzerland; its Mountains, Valleys, Lakes, and Rivers (1903)

Switzerland (1881)

Swiss Allmends and a Walk to See Them (1874)

History of the Panama Railroad (1867)

Cooks Tourists Handbook for Switzerland (1908)

China and Japan - a Record of Observations (1879)

Bygone Days in India (1922)

Belgium and Holland - Handbook for Travellers (1878)

A Walk in the Grisons - Being a Third Month in Switzerland (1875)

A Month in Switzerland (1873)

A Hand-Book for Travellers on the Continent (1838)

The Soul of Denmark (1918)

The Soul of a Turk (1910)

The Real Turk (1914)

The City of the Sultan and Domestic Manners of the Turks in 1836 (1838)